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Current Wedding Trends We Love!

The 2024 wedding season has officially kicked off for us at Irons Mill Farmstead just a few weeks ago! We are SO excited to be able to celebrate with our 2024 couples this season. Wedding trends come and go every year and it can be difficult to stay on top of what is the newest idea or look. Now I do want to preface that whether you decide to hop on the current trends you see all over your social media and Pinterest, or you don't. It is your day and you and your partner get to make those decisions knowing it will be beautiful and special with whatever decisions you make through the planning process! 

As a November 2024 bride myself, I sometimes get overwhelmed by the amount of choices we have during the planning stages. Not to mention, once you finally think you've made a decision (whether it's on color scheme, florals, adding a new trend, etc), and then alas you find something new to incorporate! Your planning season can be overwhelming, but also a REALLY exciting experience. I encourage you to embrace every moment during this season of your relationship. Whether you are getting married in 2024, or starting to plan your 2025/2026 wedding, I wanted to share some of the recent trends I have personally been loving in hopes of inspiring some of you!

Colorful Color Schemes

As this trend is carrying over from 2023, I have seen so many colorful palettes in weddings everywhere. I love the multi-color floral trends. My personal favorite is the mix of pastel colors for a bit more of a muted color (check out our bride, Megan, and her florals below!). The 2024 season is already starting to see this color trend continue, but now with more monochromatic colors. Especially in couples' flower choices and bridesmaid dresses, we are seeing more shades of the same hue.

colorful wedding bouquet
Photo by: We are the Richards

If you see yourself wanting to stick to more traditional and simple colors for your palette on your wedding day but are loving this trend, why not incorporate color into your shower theme or bachelorette? This allows you to still get those beautiful and very colorful floral and decor moments during your bridal era!

bride surrounded by colorful floral pallet
Photo by: We are the Richards

Seated Wedding Party

I've started to see this more and more and have even gone back and forth on deciding where my own wedding party will be located during our ceremony later this year. I absolutely love the idea of the ceremony just being you, your partner, and the officiant for a more intimate moment (and photos!). However, one of the many reasons we choose to have a bridal party is to support and "stand by" us on our big day, so how do you see this moment for yourself? You already reserve seats for your VIPs, so reserving those extra front seats for your party is nice to allow for that more personal vow moment if you choose!

Exchanging Private Vows

bride and groom first touch with personal vows
Photo by: Ashley Sara Photography

Couples are opting to do a "first look" or "first touch" on their wedding days to read their personal vows to each other. This is such a sweet moment for a couple to have a personal pre-ceremony moment, and for your photographer/videographer to capture. If reading personal vows in front of your friends and family sounds a bit nerve-wracking (or you are a crier like me), but you want that personal moment, opt to create a special time before you walk down the aisle. This allows you to still do traditional vows during your ceremony for your guests to hear, but to be more personal privately.

The Cookie/Dessert Table (always trending in Pittsburgh!!!)

Growing up near Pittsburgh may have me biased on this trend, but couples are opting for dessert or cookie tables in addition to, or in place of their wedding cake. Many couples still love the tradition of a cake cutting, but why not add more dessert options for your guests!? Everyone loves a good dessert, and if you are anywhere near Pittsburgh like us, you are probably familiar with the cookie table tradition that started during The Great Depression. Family, friends, and your favorite bakeries can partake in creating your table whether it's full of cookies, cupcakes, or any other of your favorite desserts! 

Pittsburgh Cooking Table and wedding desserts
Photo by: Rachel Rowland Photography

Although this is my first official season as the Director of Weddings at Irons Mill, I have seen firsthand just how special our venue truly is. As a venue, Irons Mill makes the planning process for our couples seamless when it comes to venue-related planning. To mention a few: We provide our couples with a preferred vendors list with vendors we have worked with time and time again, and who we know are familiar with our space. Four to Eight weeks before our couples tie the knot, we host a final meeting to go over all the little details including a timeline for the day and reception layout for the space. And of course my personal favorite of our offerings, our day of coordination is something truly special! You will have a lead coordinator and a closing coordinator along with additional assists on your wedding day as needed. We make sure our couple's timeline is on schedule, work with your vendors, assist in decor setup/tear down, drive our couples in our golf cart for pictures, and so much more! 

Your venue choice is one of the first of many after you get engaged, and Irons Mill is there to fully support you through every step of the planning process and answer all of your questions along the way!

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