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Our 2016 Farmstead Favorites

The style, grace and details that our brides bring to our venue is truly what brings this place to life and makes the weddings beautiful and special. We were honored to be a part of so many events this past season and we saw so many amazing decorations, details and designs! We thought we'd share some of our "favorites" from this past season. Enjoy!

FAVORITE DRESS: Kayleigh Clark | September 18th 2016

We have to admit, this was what inspired us to start this favorites list in the first place! We saw Kayleigh's dress and immediately fell in love! The detail on the top and the flowiness of the bottom is simply to die for. Kayleigh, already stunning, looked absolutely flawless in this dress.

Dress Designed by Hayley Paige

PC: Jenna Powers Photography

FAVORITE FLOWERS: Russell Wedding | June 10th 2016

Samantha told us during her walk through how obsessed she was with flowers and all the ways she was going to incorporate them in to her day - but we did not realize what a treat we were in for! These blooms with cascading greens fit perfectly with this whimsical wedding.

Flowers Designed by Posies by Patti

PC: Taylor Reed Photography

FAVORITE BRIDESMAID DRESSES: Litton Wedding | July 16th 2016

Shannon and her bridal party were simply the cutest gals and these dresses were a perfect fit! We tend to favor a floor length dress and these light and flowy chiffon numbers were an excellence compromise of elegance and comfort for this warm summer day! The lace structure of the top with sweetheart neckline and button up back was the perfect finishing touch. You got to love a bride that picks out a great dress for her girls!

FAVORITE HAIR AND MAKEUP: Katie Harris | May 28th 2016

GASP! We know, right? Is this flower crown, braided hair combo not the best thing you have ever seen? Words cannot describe how beautiful you are, Katie!

FAVORITE CENTER PIECES: Deck Wedding | June 19th 2016

We loved these centerpieces and how they were all a tad bit different yet so cohesive! The antique frames with table numbers is what first drew our attention to these, but what made us fall in love were those flowers - all. hand. made. What?? We literally could not believe they were paper flowers - they look so real! That coupled with the antique little glass jars made these centerpieces a definite favorite.

FAVORITE CEREMONY DECORATIONS: Liddle Wedding | August 27th 2016

Although we are slightly impartial to our chandelier and draping, we cannot deny the "wow" factor in these pergola decorations! The draping, the beading, the chandelier, the flowers... who would not want to get married in front of such a gorgeous backdrop??

FAVORITE OVERALL DECOR: Wahal Wedding | October 15th 2016

This one includes a couple of photos so you can see the many beautiful details that were added to the barn at this event. When we walked in to the venue, we literally could not believe what we were seeing. Every corner of the space had been meticulously decorated and personalized. We just simply had never seen the barn look this good! Rented in long tables and gold chaviarri chairs added a unique touch to the upstairs that we were quite the fan of. Erin, you can decorate the barn any day!

Decor Designed by Handpicked Elegance

PC: Lisa West Photography

FAVORITE PHOTO: Panning Wedding | October 8th 2016

Alright Kayla Keish Photography - we see you! We were so excited to be featuring professional fireworks shows every Saturday in October for our Fall Fun guests, which turned in to free fireworks shows for all of our Saturday October brides! We remember telling Kayla that there would be fireworks at her event during our walk through and will never forget her reaction - her and Will had really wanted fireworks at their wedding, but other costs had taken up the budget. It was so perfect that we could provide that dream for her!

Thanks for checking out our 2016 favorites. It was a great year and we loved working with so many amazing people. We are excited for 2017 and all it has to offer!

Love, The Irons Mill Weddings Team

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